Monday, June 20, 2011

When The UPS Man Comes

I have been waiting on this for over a week. I've been longing to hold it, play with it, drool over it, and show it off....

And no, that's not a new camera....that's a new battery-pack attached to my Canon T1i and the accompanying remote that came in the package. For $46 on eBay I received the battery pack, two batteries, a second pack that holds six AA batteries for backup, and a remote that operates the camera. I am SO excited!!

It adds double battery-life to my camera, allows me to take family portraits without a timer, and makes my camera look extra professional. My sweet husband encouraged me to get it and he sat patiently as I drooled over the package and directions.

I can't wait to keep shooting! I'm looking forward to trying to construct a backdrop for shooting food--as well as learning more about how to get the picture I want the first time.

Life is good this Monday!!


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missdi said...

i love the new toy...SMILE