Saturday, June 18, 2011

State Parks and Walks

It is miserable in Texas right now. The 111 degree heat is scorching our land, our plants, our cars, and our skin. Kyle and I were hibernated in the house yesterday from the heat and today we were both becoming edgy, depressed, and anxious to be out of doors. So we packed snacks, water, and swimsuits to drive to the state park about 20 miles from us. We were sweating like crazy as we hiked around the park and through trails. We planned on hitting the park swimming pool before we came home, but by the time we got ready the clouds had gathered and the little kids were being pulled from the water. We drove home tired, sweaty, but so relieved to have been outside--even at 108 degrees in the sun this afternoon.

Blessings this weekend!


elizabeth skaggs said...

You look beautiful Sarah!

God's Gal Sarah said...

Thank you! It was a good day with my sweet husband :)