Monday, June 13, 2011

Sometimes You Need the Accountability

I can't believe I'm about to admit this on my blog. I do things like this because it means I actually can't hide anymore. But accountability is necessary for a move such as this and having several people watch keeps my hand from the cookie jar.....

I have gained ten pounds from where I need to be since Kyle and I met. That came from eating out a lot together to stay in public, and even thought I have maintained well after being married, the time has come to lose this bit of weight. I LOVE nutrition, health, good natural foods, and the miracle of our bodies and how God designed them. If you know me at all, you know this to be true. The weight has come on slowly and from occasional lapses in wise nutrition judgment. I have several reasons for this weight loss desire....and I believe them to be important.

1. when the day comes that we want to have a baby, I want my body to be in good shape so that the carrying, delivery, and overall health of my body after pregnancy is maintained. It will be a while before we are ready for a baby Bartlett, but I am determined to be in shape when the day comes. I want to be a healthy Mama....just as my mama was.
2. I want to feel good for myself. I love the way I feel after a workout and when my pants fit loose. I love not tugging on my shirt to hide my tummy. I don't like the little love handles cuddle bundles on my back. That can change. And I plan on it changing.
3. I want to dazzle my husband. My beloved man tells me all the time how beautiful I am to him. He loves my body just the way it is....but as his wife I want to always present myself in the best possible way to him. If you are a wife, you get this idea totally.

I lost a very significant amount of weight two years ago but I did it in the most unhealthy way. It lead to a lapse of very unhealthy mindsets about food and my image. Those were very dark days in my memory and I do NOT want to approach this weight loss in the same manner.

Here's how I am going to go about it. I am NOT going to calorie count if at all possible. There are things I can cut out that save major calories right off the bat and will help me out.

1. the oreos my husband has in his cookie jar. Those can easily be cut out and save calories.
 2. cheese on sandwiches. This is a fat that I can cut and not miss it significantly. 
3. miracle whip. Mustard is just as tasty with a bit of cucumber and I can easily cut the miracle whip.
4. nuts. I love peanut butter and nuts. But a handful can easily be over a hundred calories of good fat, but eating fat while I am losing fat can be counter-productive.
5. it's as easy as a workout. I've been planning with a friend to workout together in the early mornings a few days a week. But with such a fabulous gym as is on the base being free to my use, I see no excuse except I just don't want to drive all the way there. It's not that I am INACTIVE around the house. No, indeed I move a lot as I clean fans, vacuum, mop, dust, clean dishes, fold laundry--being a housewife is busy. But it is not the cardiovascular that I require to lose weight. So here's to workouts, stretches, yoga, runs, weight, and looking good for myself and my hubby. :)

I'm ready for the end results, and I'm hoping to make this goal in 5-6 weeks. I don't believe this to be unrealistic and I hope to see this come to be.

Well, I'm off for now. Got dishes to do, class to attend, a husband to feed, and a workout to get in somewhere in this day.


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