Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finding the Gifts I Have

It's after eight and I should be doing dishes, making the bed, starting laundry, and watering the yard. But what AM I doing? Sitting on the couch in my nightshirt trying to ensure that the toast and fruit I had for breakfast stays in my stomach since I have lost my first breakfast due to some stomach issue.

Dear readers, I am falling apart. Let me recount what has happened in the last few days. . . . .
I have bruises on my left ankle. I made the decision to play baseball with my husband in the front yard the other day.

Now, for those who don't know my hubby, he is AMAZING at sports--especially baseball. He plays softball on our church league, on the league from his work, and he can break down a Ranger's game like none other. He eats, sleeps, and breathes the game. He loves baseball movies as much as I love football movies. But as much as I love the thought of sports and I dream of being athletic, I just can't play very well.

So here's how catch went. Kyle throws ball. . . .Sarah misses ball and runs in the neighbors yard to catch it. Kyle encourages, corrects stance, and throws ball again. Sarah goes low for it and instead of catching it with her glove she tries to stop it with her ankle. * B A M * that hurt.

If I'd only done it once that would be acceptable. But I did it twice. When I turned around and gritted my teeth Kyle decided we had played long enough. Within two days the bruise had started on my ankle and run over the top of my foot. Now for some reason if I keep my ankle in one place too long it makes my leg ache and hurt to move. Strange.

Then there's the broken toe. I ran into the bathroom door and it decided to turn colors. When I told my sister she responded "that sounds like something you'd do."


I am falling apart!

At times like these I am tempted to fall into the trap of saying, "God, I'm not talented at anything!" I can't play sports, I don't sing perfectly, my pictures aren't always top quality.......sometimes the selfish dreams of the talents I DON'T possess can overwhelm and distract me from utilizing and giving thanks for the talents I do.

I've been trying to find all the talents I'm good at so I can perfect and give God thanks for those. I must seek to please Him with what He's given me rather than wonder why He didn't give me the gifts that I see others have.

So I'm curious: what is one of the gifts God has given you?? I want to hear!

I'll start one off:
1. I have the talent of writing poetry.....

Please share :)


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