Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Case of Da Mopes

When I was little my dad would hold my sisters and I in his lap and read to us from the big book of Brer Rabbit. If you've never read about this rabbit and his adventure with "da tar baby" then you have had a deprived childhood and life. But one of my favorite stories was of Brer Rabbit's encounter with "da witch doctor." Poor Brer had a bad case of "da mopes and went ter de doctor ta see if she could hep", I feel like Brer Rabbit.

I have da mopes. Da tennis mopes to be exact. I've lost the joy of taking my racket and hitting a ball...mainly because I never actually make contact with the ball. Or if I actually DO hit it, it goes over into another's not pretty. My professor tells me to get in the ready position, and then laughs! I make a hit and my doubles partner shouts, HEY! You made a hit! You're getting there! The common saying on the team tends to be: "you're making contact. That's improvement!" My classmates think it's funny, though. Dad says not everyone can be athletic, but some have to be comic relief. Honestly? I'm SO over being comic relief. I want to be competitive....and talented.

After tennis class I went to chapel. I can't remember anything that was said. My brain was elsewhere...aka I was reading my Bible and praising God for his mercy and call to repentance. It was much more interesting than chapel. Trust me.

Then off to literature. I mean, I'm an English major, right?! I should be able to breeze through this and be competitive here, right?! Wrong. Turns out Huck Finn is WAY more infused with themes than I ever dreamed. My teacher was pointing out AMAZING parallels and interesting facts that had completely escaped my attention. Wow. How could I miss so much? Mopes.

THEN I went to Ceramics where my professor asked me if I was a "perfectionist" because I was getting mad at all my failed attempts to create a cylinder on the throwing wheel. I fail. In the end I ruined 6 pots and left frustrated with life.

Is there not anything I can do well?! I fume as I sit here looking at all the laundry that needs folding, the floor that needs vacuuming, the bathroom that needs scrubbing, the ironing that begs me to pay attention, and the checklist of homework I'm to finish before Friday. I wanna do all things I am competitive and relevant to those doing it with me. But I'm missing the point.

God has granted me the grace of being competent at a few things, but not everything. I think He does it to keep me humble and keep me trying. He doesn't allow me to be perfect at everything because:
1. were I perfect I would not need HIS strength
2. were I perfect I would be the most prideful woman walking on two legs
3. were I perfect I would not need the body. Ouch. In other words, if I could do all things well as I wish, then I would be legs, arms, hands, feet, eyes.......etc. of this Christian body. I would have no need for others. *sigh*
In other words: I need YOU.

So while I'm moping around wishing, I hope that you'll continue to come alongside me and fill in my gaps. You be the athletic one who can plan church volleyball games. YOU can be the one that is the evangelist and the brave one being the outgoing reacher of souls. You fill in my gaps, and I'll bring cookies.....and blog about it.

Talents used.

Off to see the Wise Doctor for da case of de mopes...


Louise Leathers said...

Yep, I had the "mopes" yesterday. I shouldn't ya know! I am about to attend a retreat like I haven't attended in YEARS. I am about to get out of this office and breath some fresh air that has no waft of manure in it. So why the mopes? I finally realized that there is nothing I would rather do than to go to a ladies retreat....with ALL my girls. Yep, Cristy, Dawn, Sarah, and Anna! It is not happening. I come out of the mopes by realizing this "church body" is my family I still need to get to know! Perhaps this is the hour for such an endeavor. Sarah, I shall miss you. Please pray for me as I have prayed for you!

Jennifer said...


I found your blog by following a link when you visited mine several months ago, and I have so thoroughly enjoyed your posts.

Just wanted to reply to this particular post and say that, if you were good at everything, you'd be completely self-centered and never realize how desperately you need Him. From what I can tell by reading your blog, that's one of your best traits: You are quite gifted at pointing people to Jesus in ALL things.

You are a phenomenal witness at only 21 years of age. WOW! What must He have in store for your future?! May He be glorified! :)

Blessings to you!