Sunday, January 2, 2011

Teach Me to Heel, Lord

Kyle and I have a dog that was found near the ranch and that we claimed as our own. He is a stray, wants to run off, and doesn't know how to heel, sit, lay down, or obey. Today my brother-in-law took me out and began training on ME so I can in turn train Charlie. We practiced heeling and correcting the problems that arose in him as a result of my training. So while I walked, corrected, petted, and pulled God was leaving me with lessons that I need to be learning.

Just like I've been working on Charlie to heel, so I must reverse the roles mentally as God works to teach ME to heel. He lets me wander till I hit the end of my leash and then he corrects--pulling me back to His side. He teaches me to walk close to Him and makes me stop instantly when He stops. Not one step ahead of Him and not one step behind. When He stops He wants me to stop. When He walks I am to keep next to Him. He runs...I run. He walks...I walk. I am to look to Him for guidance and stay by His side--devoted and eager to please Him. I am to stay by His side--not trying to cut behind Him or cut in front of Him in an attempt to bully and lead rather than follow. WOW. Conviction is all over training a dog.

Precious Father, teach me to heel. May I be sensitive to Your touch so that all it takes is a small correction to bring me back to Your side, ever obedient. Continue to tug me back as I try to walk ahead when You stop and I thank You for taking me back to try the exercise again and again until I do it correctly and obediently. Thank You for second, third, and fourth chances as I learn to heel on Your steps. I know sometimes it's hard to stay so close to You, but in staying by Your side I am most protected and ever more in love with you. Teach me to heel, Lord....teach me to heel.

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