Monday, December 13, 2010

Twas the Week Before Christmas

My little sister loves Christmas...and today she has been the secretive little wifey who waited until her husband left for the afternoon to drag out his presents and start wrapping. While she was in the Christmas mood she also decided to take one of the extra pre-lit Christmas trees in the basement and decorate it to put upstairs in the den.

This was only the beginning.

After discovering only half of the lights worked she set out to find the faulty bulb and deal it misery.

Or replace it...whichever came first.

But she couldn't seem to find the problem. After an hour of working on the tree she finally resorted to the inevitable: Google.

When in doubt go to google. That's what college has taught me....I pay thousands and thousands of dollars to go to wikipedia and fill my brain with great wisdom.

I know it, imagenius.

ANYWAY, Anna was working at her computer and studying one of the 11 possible diagrams to help solve her problem when Mom and I started dancing around the room to Christmas music playing from Pandora.

Apparently we were too loud. I snapped these on my cell phone as she sat and analyzed the diagram with fingers plugged in her ears.

Poor sister. She eventually stripped the tree and used a new strand.
I finally got my hands on my GOOD camera and am proud to say she did a fantastic job...note the ice cycles......she's a big fan of tree bling ;)

 I spent my workday sitting at a computer making about 155 Christmas cards. My eyes hurt, and I'm pretty sure I never wanna send another card EVER. OK, not really. I'll have to finish them tomorrow, but they are all labeled, signed, stuffed, and ready for a stamp and my spit to seal the deal.

Get it? Seal the.....
oh nevermind.

Whatever the case, they are done and I've really enjoyed the reminder of how many friends and family we have that I wish I could see this Christmas....I'm loving the holiday. I've accomplished so much in the few days I have been out of school, and I look forward seeing what else is coming.

For those who have kept up with me, you know that I have been drinking a pepsi every week as a countdown to Kyle's coming of today (December 13) we are exactly halfway through! PRAISE THE LORD! I drink my mid-way pepsi on Wednesday at which time I'll be posting about what I have learned thus far. My God has been faithful....and I know that the last two months will go by faster than the last two. Thanks to those who have stuck with me through this new journey. Kyle and I are both learning and and growing stronger and more prepared for our marriage. In other words, we are growing up. This is one deployment of many, and I'm going to get it one of these days.

Hug one another!

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