Monday, December 20, 2010

God Bless These Little Hands

Since I saw The Pioneer Woman’s post on cookie decorating I have been aching to get my hands on some dough, icing, piping bags, and glitter so my imagination could soar. I dreamed of concoctions that looked like this:

And this:

But after many attempts at decoration, these are the creations that arose from the little hands "helping" me molding the icing over the crumbly cookies:

I was almost frustrated because my dreams of Christmas edible beauty faded and DIED! Then the Lord reminded me that these were the most beautiful cookies I've ever made. Why? Because they were made by hands attached to these faces...

And they created beautiful messes like these...

 Beautiful reminders of what Christmas truly means. Christmas isn't about how many cookies look ready for Taste of Home. It's about the laughter over sugary treats that we gave away to a woman we all love like our own's about spending time with family and those precious little faces asking for "milkey" and reminding me "I poop" after the deed is done and they are walking in a cloud of lovely odor. It's about the hugs, the kisses, the messes, the extra laundry for a few days, and the joy of decorating with the little hands that make this holiday special for me. 

Oh, precious Savior, please bless these little hands this Christmas. May they hug instead of hit, smooth instead of slap, help instead of hide, and clasp in prayer rather than grab for greed. Thank You for the lesson of the cookies, and may I never forget how beautiful is the heart of a child--for in that heart I might see YOU more clearly. 

Because He lives, 

P.S. Couldn't help but share this one.......this beautiful slug of metal and these two innocent peppermints just before...............................well, I'll stop in case there are any kids reading....

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Becky Dietz said...

I had to laugh at the comparison of the cookies! Good job!