Friday, October 15, 2010

These are the Days of Fall

Beautiful weather--the nip of cool in the mornings and evenings combined with the warmth of lingering summer during the day. These are the days of fall.

Countdowns to a day off from school, Halloween, my sister and brother-in-law coming to stay and work with us for two months....these are the days of fall.

The crunch of dried leaves beneath my feet as I lug my backpack from class to class. Gentle breezes to muss my hair. These are the days of fall.

The smell of burning fires in furnaces and fireplaces wafting through my vents as I drive down streets of Abilene. These are the days of fall.

My favorite time of year (Christmas) is coming soon! I'm trying not to countdown to things too far away but taking one day at a time. A sweet woman gave me the suggestion of doing something once a week to count down the weeks till Kyle comes home. Like, drinking his favorite coke once a week and only keeping 16 in the fridge so that by the time you drink the last one he is home. Another idea is memorizing one scripture passage a week until he is home...or coming up with a project that takes 16 weeks to do. Anything helps pass the time, right? These are the days of fall.

My camera and I playing "capture the color" as leaves change and colors begin to darken. These are the days of fall.

Bible study Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday...softball games growing colder. Pumpkin recipes make me drool and I long to be back on the treadmill. These are indeed the days of fall.

For some people, fall is a time of loss--the change of weather beckons cold winds and a time of season when they least enjoy the outdoors. But for me, fall is a new season. I've never had a fall like the one I am having now. It isn't the same as the fall last year....and it certainly will be distinct from the fall next year. It could easily seem like a time of loss, but I've recently discovered that perspective is a choice. And from my perspective, I have a lot for which to be thankful. During this season I too will be doing some falling. I will be falling more in love with my Savior. I will be falling more in tune with the woman God created me to be. I will be falling into wedding plans with reckless abandon. I will be falling more and more in love with the man God has given me to marry. Yes, it is a good time for falling.

These are the days of fall.

Because HE lives,

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I will be praying for you in this season of waiting and hopefulness...makes me think of Advent.