Thursday, October 7, 2010

Of Engagements and Deployments

I look at my poor, neglected blog and beg it not to feel like the deserted step-child I have forgotten. Although, truth be known, it has certainly played second role to the time I have been spending doing homework and cherishing my sweetheart. Oh, and for those who don't get the newsposts of facebook, I am now engaged! =) He proposed six days ago in romantic downtown Abilene after recreating our first, second, and fourth dates. Why, of course I cried! He had me fooled and I didn't think it was going to come, but as it turned out there many people who knew it was coming--except me.

For you romantic types, I'll tell you how this came to be. For you unromantic peeps, skip to the last paragraph and I'll meet you there....

He texted me to say he was going to nap and shower before he came to get me for dinner. I was a little disappointed--it had been two days since I had seen him and I was going into Kyle withdrawls. There, I said it, I missed him and he only lives across town. Wow. I'm in bad shape.

Anyhow, after a while he texted me and told me he was dressing up and I should too....hmmmm. This raised my alert. He said "don't wear a dress, you'll outdress me!!" *my sweetie knows fashion so I listened* I wore black, white, and red. I felt a little Texas Tech-ish I guess.

He picked me up--unusual since I usually meet him somewhere and we ride together. That way we share gas evenly and he doesn't feel tempted to come in my apartment and hang out. Not that I am opposed to him being there, just keeps things honorable and less tempting when we are in public. If you don't understand this concept, you need to fall in love and then you will totally get why we could lead tours of Walmart, the mall, and Books-A-Million.....

"Let's go to Olive Garden." Well, sure, I'm not going to complain about Italian! Ok, admittedly at this point I thought he might propose. I knew it was coming, and Olive Garden was where we had our second date. Could it be?! Since we were trying to make an 8:30 movie after dinner I didn't expect him to wait the 30 minutes they warned us about when they handed us the buzzer. I told him we could try another place, but he said we'd wait. At this point I was REALLY hopeful. We sat outside and held hands, smiling at the little babies playing in the grass and chatting like we always do. The buzzer goes off.

We were seated and ordered when Kyle said he needed to go get his wallet out of the car. At this point I was just sure he had to go get the ring and was going to propose at dinner. I was so excited I texted my sister.

He came back.

No pocket bulge.

We got our food and he kept checking his watch so we wouldn't miss the start of the movie. "Wall Street" was our best bet considering we had no idea what was playing.

At this point, considering his tired face and time watching, I decided it wasn't going to happen and texted my sister to tell her.

"I'm sorry, Love." She said. "It'll happen eventually, hang ten."

I don't know why she told me to hang ten.
She's weird sometimes.

We finished dinner and made the movie. Movies are a wonderful place to hold hands and lay your head on your handsome fella's shoulder. It's a safe environment if you sit close to the front and all the people behind you can see you and throw popcorn if you do something gross--although I've never done that or had it done to me. But it's a thought for next time.

Let's just say Shia LeBouf was great as ever in his role...and Michael Douglas has aged. BUT if you don't understand wall street or money talk, you will be lost, confused, disoriented, and in tears over this movie. Ok, tears is a bit much, but we left the movie early---as Kyle said, "That was a waste of money."

Funny thing about that movie, LeBouf's character proposes to his girlfriend. Ironic.

We got into the car and Kyle piped up, "Hey let's go to Starbucks." At this point he has rubbed his eyes so many times I'm surprised they weren't bloodshot and yawned excessively. I tried to talk him into going home to bed but he wanted coffee to "stay awake." Hmmmmm......

Starbucks was our official first date. The place we first talked for 3 hours in our first meeting. I grabbed our seats and he got the drink and banana bread. We even had the same table as our first date!!

I admit, at this point I was REALLY disappointed and a little more quiet than normal, but Kyle was undaunted and after our coffee he drove me all the way back to my apartment. We pulled up, parked, and sat for about 1 minute. Kyle looked at me with puppy dog eyes, "I don't wanna drop you off yet. Let's go drive just a little longer."

I was REALLY REALLY frustrated at this point and praying out the window for patience and God's timing. I tried to convince him he was exhausted and needed to sleep, but he wasn't having it.

So we drove downtown and parked. Downtown Abilene is beautiful. Honestly, the only pretty part of Abilene is downtown at 11:00 at night. We parked and walked a little before Kyle said, "I gotta blow my nose. Hang on I'm gonna get a kleenex." He fumbled around in the car for a minute before rejoining me.

So we walked--up and down the streets just like we did our fourth date. I held his arm, we talked, we laughed, we played skip on all the road bumps in the middle of the street--just being together and being us.

About 11:30 Kyle stretched and said, "I guess I better get you back so you can pack."
Me: "Pack?"
Kyle: "Yeah I need to too!"
Me: "Why?!"
Kyle: "Because tomorrow, Sarah Leathers, you are going to get all dressed up, and we are going to go to Guthrie. Kaci is going to meet us there, and we are going to take engagement pictures.
Me: "But Kyle...."

That's as far as I got. When get reached in his back pocket and dropped on one knee I lost it. He opened the box but I was crying so hard I didn't even see.

"Sarah Leathers, I love you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

I had my face covered.
I pulled him up and threw my arms around him....crying and laughing all at the same time. Do you call that "lying"?

Kyle: "I guess that's a yes...or a no?"

HA! Sure...I'm crying and hugging you before I tell you no. DUH!

"Of course I'll marry you, Kyle!"

*enter collective, "Awwwwwww!"*

I finally saw the ring......solitaire diamonds are beautiful.....just FYI.

Turns out everyone knew and were waiting for the call. Even my little sister. Jerk.

My fiance deploys next week. It seems like a whirlwind love--engaged on our 6 month anniversary of our first date--him leaving for the desert for 4 months....planning a wedding for graduating in the summer....two young lovers in it for the long haul.

My God is good.

Because He lives,


Chrys and Mike said...

i loved reading all the details! so thrilled for you. xoxo

Atlanta said...

I saw your announcement on FB, but I'm so glad to get to read the whole story! I'm so happy for you!

anne said...

I'm very excited for you both! When you allow God to take control everything works out the way it's suppose to. May you both be as happy as you are right now, and may God bless you as you turn the page onto this new season of life. always remember the love that brought you together will keep you together in both happy times and those pesty trials.

Louise Leathers said...

I am so glad you wrote it all down. The memories will be forever yours, but the tiny details begin to fade as the love grows deeper still. You WILL look back someday and understand the love you have now will seem very shallow and weak compared to what you will develop for each other. That is God's way of making us one. Blessings to you, dear daughter and son. This is only the beginning....

Tricia said...

This deployment will only make your love greater! Stay connected to God, and great people that can help you through it! I'm so happy for you!
Oh, and Welcome to the Air Force family. ;o) Now we're family twice! Love you Sarah!

Walter Mitty said...


Becky Dietz said...

I love your love story.

TheShermanFam said...

Ahhhh...beautiful, Sarah!! Congrats and blessings as you begin this amazing journey!!

Sandi C said...

Love your love story!! I am sooo excited to see what God has planned for yall. Be strong thru the deployment~ the times goes fast (after its over lol) Can't wait to read the next installment!:))

Miranda Elyse (Warlick) Fell said...

Sara yours is a beautiful love story! I am so happy for you and Kyle. God loves you both very much and as you know will see you faithfully through this time. Congratulations Cuz!


HI Sara! What a beautiful beginning to your love story! My eyes are blurry from the proposal, I love hearing proposal stories, they are the best thing next to new birth in Christ testimonies. God is good! Blessings!