Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Of Picture Books

I can't help it...I must show you all what is energizing me right now. No, it's not the research paper on John Milton that is waiting to be written (that's more like a rare form of bizarre torture) is the stack of books I have no time to read! AKA: HURRY SUMMER!!
For my birthday, precious friends of mine bought me some of my favorite books by some of my favorite authors...I can't wait to dig in!
The perfect weekend

AAAAAAAAAAAaaa it's the complete series of Jane Austen novels....
I think I screamed when I opened it. This is my idea of a perfect
reading: Jane Austen, Folgers coffee, and an apple. I want to try this...
like now. Dumb college gets in the way. :-/

My boss is absolutely fabulous--she gave me the complete
Francine Rivers set of books Mark of the Lion. I'm hooked.
I got this book in the school bookstore the other day, and I'm really excited about it...
And this is my absolutely favorite part....this is the toy I am hoping to save up for over the next few weeks, months, ok and possibly years. Does anyone have a Nikon D700 they want to give me?...anyone? I didn't think so....but I hope you drool over it as I have been ;)

I'm hoping to get a good DLR as my point and click is dying a painful death....I am signing up for a photography class next semester to help hone my hobby so, Lord willing, someday I can do photography on a more professional level. This is one small step to an exciting hope.....all donations can be sent to: ;)
I will be posting very soon about some amazing things God is teaching me....I can't wait to share!
Blessings heaped on blessings!


Becky Dietz said...

You're going to LOVE the Mark of the Lion series. You need to get Lynn Austin's Chronicles of the Kings Series, too, if you haven't read them!
Kaye Smith just got a D700--and loves it! She's hoping to find someone to help her learn the ropes---so hurry up and learn! ha!

Anna Leathers said...

I want to read the Jane Austen ones when you are done. Maybe summer?? MOM