Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Broken But Blessing

*She came to Christ two weeks ago (see "I Wanna Be Born Again" post)
*She was openly telling her family about her new faith
*She was hoping for a new organ
*God gave her a whole new body

My sweet sister in Christ passed away two days ago. I found out just this morning. God beckoned her unto Himself, she accepted, and He delivered her from the fire of her failing mortal body into the comfort of His arms. I was more emotionally involved than I thought--the news hit me pretty hard.

I hope that you will praise God with me for her eternal healing, and also lift her hurting mother as well. This young woman was sharing about her decision to follow Christ with her mother before she passed away--maybe the mother will be redeemed because of the decision of her strong daughter.

I'm hurting over this more than I thought I would--but I am in awe of my Almighty God Who allowed me to be involved in this woman's life for such a short time......

Because He lives,


Becky Dietz said...

Wow, Sarah. I'm just praising God for your divine appointment with this girl which resulted in her being in the arms of God today. And I'm praying for those left behind.

Anna Leathers said...

This makes me weep--AGAIN! Losing anyone, especially young, is grievious. I weep tears of loss and grief. Then I stand amazed at the mercies of our God who saves--in perfect timing. I weep for joy--AGAIN! I, too, will pray for those remaining! MOM

Alia said...

It's so sad she left some behind but what a blessing for her to be welcomed into the arms of our heavenly father! I LOVE following your blog, you are so inspirational to me!