Saturday, August 15, 2009

Farewell Sweet Summer
Oh my! I cannot believe that it is time to go back to school. I am in SHOCK. In some respects, the summer has passed so slowly. In other ways, however, I do not know where the last three months have gone. So much has happened!
We are finally moved into our house. Praise Jesus! What a blessing to FINALLY have our own space, our own kitchen, and places to spread out and relax. God brought all this about right in the nick of time.
I am approximately 30 pounds lighter. I'm not done either! I've gone from approximately 162 lbs to 132.5 as of this morning. When I hit 125, I will be done. I am getting there! God has been SO faithful to get me through this. I have done extreme workouts this summer, and am finally working down to a manageable workout schedule. "Coach" (God) and I have come a long way. I would not be here without Him.
My little sister is so in love! Basically, she no longer belongs to me...hahaha big sister is having to adjust to her "baby" loving and spending every spare moment with someone else. Gabe is so lucky to have her. Wedding bells? Maybe ;) but I'm not telling at this moment...
God has refined and "pruned" some of my friends over the summer. He has opened my eyes to those who were not safe or edifying with whom I should spend extended amounts of time. So, I go back to sweet Hardin-Simmons with hope of new friendships, strengthened relationships, and hope of resolve.
This summer has been the perfect time for God to do a mighty work in me. I go back to school with a prayer that I will not lose the changes. That everything "He Who began a good work in [me] will be faithful to complete it..."
I will update again soon!
Keep chattering sweet chikas of Christ!


Kaleena Mann said...

I hope you have a great year at school this year and you meet lots of new people! I miss you and will be praying for you often! Love ya!

Asia said...

I love your blog and hope that your school year will be great