Thursday, June 25, 2009

Greener Grass

It's so hard to be a girl...always has been. We find ourselves trapped in the game of "Green Grass" where there are no rules. We see another girl's waistline and want it. We see her wardrobe and desire her same creative clothing. Nothing is off limits in this game of "I want what she has." But don't think that it's just today's culture that brings up this dissatisfaction. There was even comparison among women in the BIBLE. Think back to Rachel and Leah. Rachel saw Leah having babies by Jacob, and felt jealousy. She wanted the "greener grass" her sister had.

Wanting what another girl has is a viscious way to live our lives. What she has will always seem better than what YOU have. Her hair, her weight, her features, her personality, her will ALL seem better than what you have. Believe me, because I am struggling with it today. We never stop to consider what WE have been given and be thankful for it!

My wise piano teacher once told me, "You are your own worst critic." She of course meant that I would be my worst enemy when it came to perfection on my pieces. But laying aside Beethoven and Mozart, the same thought applies well to life. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to judgement. "I'm too fat", "My hair is hideous!", "This shirt makes me look like a blimp", "I'm so ugly", sound familiar?! It does to me because I have said all of them.

But maybe it's time to stop playing the "Greener Grass" game and realize how truly blessed we are. Make a list of what makes YOU the most unique you possible! Don't do it in a spirit of bragging, but of honesty. Ask God to open your eyes to what makes you special in His sight. Ask Him to reveal your best attributes to your worst critic: the girl you see in the mirror. It just might surprise you how wonderful He thinks you are!........I'll do it too. Let me know what you find out ;)

Love ya sistas =D

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