Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Daily Structure

I wake up early and have a cup of coffee with a pumpkin muffin (a recipe I discovered on pinterest) while spending an hour in prayer and Bible study--lifting up friends and leaders of our country. My husband comes downstairs to a steaming breakfast and kisses me before sitting down to his study and oj. After he heads off to work, full and happy, I shower, put on makeup, select my outfit, and straighten the bedroom before making a bottle so Gracin awakens to food already prepared.

After baby is up he eats and we spend the morning playing, singing, walking, and making lunch for daddy who comes home early for lunch. We eat together and Daddy plays with little man a few minutes before heading back to work. While Gracin takes his afternoon nap I dust and vacuum, using the time to attend little needs like balancing the checkbook, folding clothes, creating a pinterest craft project, baking a pie, and cleaning the bathtub. After baby has a nap we practice our sitting up and crawling....he never watches television.

Dad gets off work at 4:30 and we all sit down to a hot dinner I have made during the afternoon and then do dishes together while Gracin plays happily in his high chair.

After dinner we might watch a show but we focus on bathing the little one together and getting him ready for bed after his Bible story. He goes down about 7:30 and Kyle and I spend quality time together, discussing marriage and family, finances, and how much we love each other. We crawl into clean sheets, cuddle, and go to sleep with smiles on our faces.

................................................then I wake up from this gorgeous dream............................................

This is how my days have TRULY looked lately....

I wake up at the latest possible moment to stumble downstairs with sleepy eyes to throw together some semblance of breakfast for the hubby, who has to leave for work in 20 minutes. Eggs are usually involved, adding in toast or rolls from dinner the night before to give a carb for energy. I add fruit, a glass of juice (or water if I don't have juice made) and set it out for him after his shower. Once done, I end up over the trashcan with a morning sickness dry heave.

Hubs eats and heads to work while I crawl back into the sheets to let my stomach settle with the dry toast I ate s.l.o.w.l.y. a few minutes prior. Usually this lasts until I hear the happy cooing of a baby across the hall and I think, "oops. I prolly need to shower and make a bottle." Most often the shower gets a strike and I choose to crawl down the stairs for a bottle with painfully drawn out steps so I don't welcome more nausea.

Baby gets fed and usually lays in bed with mama while I try to surf another nausea wave and convince myself he needs a diaper change sooner rather than later. Sadly, by this point it's 9 or later, and I feel lazy. Hair goes in a pony tail, random clothing is selected, and I haul baby downstairs to lay in the floor and fuss because he doesn't want to play alone while I scrounge around in the kitchen for Kyle's lunch.

When I think my head is going to fall off with dizziness I lay in the floor with Gracin and we play while I smell diapers going stale in the laundry room. It takes a strong stomach to dump poop and pull peed on liners out of diapers.....and I don't always have that right now.

Kyle shows up for lunch, eats, visits with me for a few minutes, and goes back to work while Gracin goes down for a nap and I think "hmmmmm, there's a mountain of dishes and food to be put away. I need to get on that. But I feel awful. I'm gonna eat a snack lay down for 20 minutes."

An hour later I awaken and sit up to a horrible feeling in my stomach, and stumble to the kitchen with a determination to do dishes.

Somehow I wander around the house, straightening this and that, loving on a baby who has decided he isn't going to feel well most afternoons, and finally starting the washing machine.

I spend 70% of my afternoon in the kitchen making dinner, and Kyle usually has fairly decent and healthy food waiting on him when he gets off work and has a workout.

After he eats and I nibble a few bites or sit with him, we do dishes while Gracin fusses in his chair or on the floor--he really wants to be involved. We finish, bathe the baby, read Bible stories, put on jammies, and send him to bed with a kiss.

This is our time to visit, cuddle, rest, or debate out issues bothering us. We shower, slide into 2 week sheets, and cuddle until I have a hormonal heatflash and MUST face away from my husband who produces heat like a furnace. Cuddling and lots of kissing for this preggo woman is often difficult. *my poor husband*

This is my day.

Someday my dream will be my reality.


Bathing said...

bathing is as good as you've written, but according to the article here it's not supposed to be practiced as many thing

Bathing said...

i love your blog becuase you have a legitimate cause :)

To God be the glory... said...

God bless you. I remember these days, Oh so well. I will pray for you.