Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Husband Took Me Dancing

Yesterday was our 38.5 week check-up with the doctor. He told me to stay home, put my feet up, drink liquids, and rest because he was going out of town. Basically, he didn't want me going into labor while he was gone. It's an idea in his mind that we won't last another week....and this mama is certainly HOPING that we go into labor at any time.

I did put my feet up for a little the nail salon! Kyle sent me to get a pedicure, encouraging me to enjoy a little pampering before we go into labor. What a precious, generous husband I have.....
My favorite part about the whole experience was having the Asian man ask me again and again if I was ok and pointing out that he didn't want me going into labor while in his chair. HA! I left with prettily painted toes--the best they have looked since bending over and painting my own became difficult a month and a half ago.

After hearing the doctor's orders to do nothing but rest, my husband and I decided to go dancing with some friends from church. (no, it wasn't a rebel's move at all *ahem*) When I say we went dancing, I mean we drove 30 minutes out of town and went to an old community center where a large group of older adults host a no-drinking-no-smoking-no-grinding-two-stepping-palooza. Live country music in an old and musty gym is the setting for people from all ages to join together and Texas two-step until 10:30 p.m.

We had! It was the first time Kyle and I have gotten to go dancing together. It was fun to spin, step on each other's feet, giggle over mistakes, and kiss after each dance. Yes, we were that couple.

Sue us. We were enjoying a date night before we become parents.

We drove home a little earlier than the music ended, as I was a bit lightheaded and contracting like crazy. I admit, I did sit a few dances out with my man to watch others and catch my breath--so I did keep my feet up a little. ANNND I drank an entire bottle of water. So I was partially obedient to the doctor's orders... ;)

Today has been quite productive around the Bartlett home. I woke up this morning, had some cereal and Bible time on the porch, and started pulling weeds in the front beds. Kyle joined me, we made a trip to Lowes for some yard necessities, and spent the remainder of the day picking/digging weeds, trimming hedges, planting flowers, mowing grass, fertilizing the front grass, hanging "missing puppy" posters, and cleaning the house. We put in over 12 hours of work and are both sore footed at the end.

I'm putting my feet up now, Dr. Anderson. ;)

If ever there was a night where I felt completely ready for Gracin to come, it is tonight. I'm tired of getting my hopes I think I will just rest, read, and try not to think too hard. The house is basically ready, his room is prepared, the front yard looks phenomenal, and my body couldn't be more ready!...and did I mention my toe nails are painted?? That means I am SUPER prepared.

Speaking of baby things, I suppose I should give you the last "baby stats" for this pregnancy:

1. Dr. estimates he could be up to 24 inches long. Don't ask me how he assumes that, but I almost hope he's wrong.....
2. moves quite dilligently and has his little feet up in my ribs constantly.
3. head is engaged and we are just waiting on some dilation for him to come quickly.
4. gets the hiccups sometimes, and I think it is the cutest thing to "see" him hiccup for 10 minutes as my stomach jerks.
5. has taken over entire torso.
6. likes to push against my hand as I try to coerce a foot out of my side
7. is lavished with clothes and blankets for when he arrives

1. total weight gain: 25 lbs. and the doctor is quite pleased. So am I, honestly.
2. braxton hicks are constant and becoming more uncomfortable and intense.
3. is tired.
4. wears a fake wedding band from JCP because her real band doesn't exactly fit her sausage fingers.
5. sleeps with a huge body pillow between her knees for comfort.
6. can only sleep on her right side....
7. is finally over her flu! *Praise the Lord!*
8. thus far doesn't have any stretch marks on her stomach!

I am going to obey orders from the doctor for the last few minutes I am awake--thus meaning I will put up my feet and stare at my handsome husband for a while.

Life is good :)

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