Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thousands of Words

I don't get asked to do photo-shoots for people very often. Like...ever. The main reason for this is I am far from anything professional. Basically, I don't promote myself, and I'm the housewife who is always shooting things around the house or at events without trying to get a name in photography.

So, when my friends Ashton and Brice asked if I would take their Christmas pictures, I was so excited...but nervous. They were patient with me while I laid on my stomach and readjusted for my moving and growing bump.....and they were wonderful to do it on one of the coldest days this week! They also cautioned me carefully when I stood precariously on top of a bench. I'd say they are great friends for all they put up with.

Just a sneak peek.....after all, I don't want to spoil their Christmas cards ;)....

In other news, my husband felt well enough to get up and walk around today! *hooray!!* He was so tired of the house that he went and sat on the porch in the cold just to breathe fresh air. Bless his heart, he is paying for it now by snoring through his gauze on the couch. Trying to eat dinner was difficult for him, as he cannot breathe and chew at the same time, and we ended the frustrating moment by a fruit smoothie sufficing as his dinner. I'm learning to make food that sounds good to him, but be willing to take all the food I fixed and put it away because he cannot eat but a few bites without running out of breath. We cannot wait until he is back in bed with me at night and breathing normally.

As for me? I'm tired. Today was the first day this week my energy has run out and I have suffered from a pregnancy headache as well as some other issues. I have mounds of dishes waiting for me, and a puppy that peed all over her bed again. She's on a roll--she's demolished my laptop computer cord, the insole of my expensive running shoes, a couple of her chew toys, and then puddled her bed. Sick hubby, learning puppy, and needy chihuahua.......I'll certainly sleep well tonight! I love being needed by my family :)

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