Thursday, November 17, 2011

How Do You Do It?

How do you do it all? How do you accomplish every task on your plate to the satisfaction of everyone wanting your best?

How do you............

snuggle with your husband in the mornings when he rolls over and sighs in happiness while the alarm tells you to get up?

wake up, only to dry heave twice into the trashcan you keep by your bed?

pack his food for the day, making sure he has all he will need to keep him full and cover all his nutritional needs?

throw your neatness to the wind and leave the kitchen in a helter-skelter mess so you can get ready in the 20 minutes before you are late to work?

scurry through a shower and quick shave only to throw on mascara and arrive to work just on the cusp of late?

keep a smile for children all day when they need your help for the tenth attempt at the same problem?

correct squabbles and petty disagreements over hurt feelings on the playground without growing frustrated and threatening to spank both the offenders?

be the best employee you can possibly be at school while you are nauseous and praying you don't vomit on their papers?

get home in the afternoon with your tail tucked, feet dragging, stomach gurgling, only to be met with the horrific kitchen you left in the morning?

tend to the puppy and the chihuahua demanding water, attention, playtime, food, and potty breaks since they have been without you all day?

concoct something for dinner, because you  know your man will be hungry?

get the dishes done, the laundry finished, the floors mopped (because the puppy tracked mud in again), the bed made, the porch swept, the clothes ironed....when all you want to do is crash and sleep?

meet your husband's need for attention when he gets home--making time to hear him after a tough day--when all you can think about is the work you need to be doing?

feed your husband and then clean up the kitchen so you aren't met with dishes the following morning?

spend quality time with your husband before bed because you know the next three nights are full and you won't get to talk to him much then?

stay awake while he showers, so he can get into bed while his wife is still awake?

make all the phone calls to family that they are expecting?

keep up your exercise because you are trying to keep your weight down and health up?

be pregant and be good at everything?

If you can do all these things, please--tell me. I'm failing miserably. This is my life, and these the trials I face everyday. As I say this my stomach is gurgling and I am in need of a bathroom break.

I hear my little 2nd and 3rd graders coming in expecting me to help them and answer their questions. I'm not good at all of this. I'm not superwoman. I'm barely hanging on.

Please, someone help this sick, pregnant wife and mama.


Abby said...

How do you do it?

You don't!

We're not called to be superwoman! And my messy house and kitchen can testify to that.{It's been a really busy week!}

Under normal circumstances, I try to have stuff at least picked up so it doesn't feel stressful when I walk into the house at the end of the day. I've also made a chart that shows daily things to do (a 5 min pick up in each room of the house) and weekly chores (sweep, vacuum, clean bathrooms) As long as the big things get done once a week, that's enough in my book with how busy our life has been.

One of the biggest helps to me has been our rule - if you cook, you don't clean! It really is such a relief to know that Cody will handle all of the dishes for me and I can go get something else done and not have to worry about waking up with a messy kitchen. {even if that something else is sitting on the couch!}

Becky Dietz said...

Are you sure everyone is expecting all this? Or is it Sarah putting unrealistic demands on herself? You need to give yourself permission to chill--you're gonna be a mommy, after all. And after that bundle of preciousness gets here, you'll learn soon enough you can't do it all.