Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Baby

Dear precious baby boy,

Today marks 17 weeks since God first started knitting you together. As of today, here are the statistics for you:

Size: 5 inches
Weight: 5 oz.
Comparison: turnip....I'm sorry about this.....
Movement: I haven't felt you that I can tell, but the sonograms consistently show you jumping, flipping, kicking, and punching. You are going to keep me busy, I can already tell!
Heart rate: we can't measure it because you won't be still during a sonogram....

Size: slowly growing--I am having the slight discomfort of stretching tendons in my abdomen as a reminder why I'm in stretchy maternity pants :)
Weight gain: 5 lbs. I told your Grammy this morning that I was going to try to hold that weight for another month, and she told me "good luck." I think her text message showed less laughter than she was probably feeling.
Sickness: still throwing up, but the psoriasis has cleared on my skin slightly, my headaches aren't daily *just every couple days,* and though I'm always sleepy, I seem to have more energy. Your daddy is so ready to be able to touch me without it making me sick!

I am trying to slowly get ready for the day you come to be with us in person! Your diapers are ordered, your room is being cleaned out, and I am drooling over little things like these:

Little denim overalls for you to wear out the knees

Plaid shirts for the winter time

Baby bum drops for making wet wipes :)

Mama is praising the Lord for your health, and loving how fast the holidays are coming so I can watch you grow all the faster!

I love you, Gracin Lawrence......your mama and daddy are ready for you to be here already....

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Learning to Simply Live said...

What a beautiful post. You look fantastic and I love the sweet name you two have chosen :)