Monday, July 18, 2011

Bad Egg

It's been a refreshing weekend away with my husband. I must admit, it didn't start out "refreshing" but ended that way. We went to a marriage conference in Dallas for a couple days with some of Kyle's extended family.

Let me start out by admitting that I have only been behind the wheel in DFW once before. Because Kyle and I had to take his car to the shop in Dallas I followed him down. As typical Dallas traffic goes we met standstill jams, a couple wrecks, and complete crazies behind the wheels of cars going faster than we were. Let's see if I can recount the interesting moments of the trip.

1. We discovered our speedometers don't match. Mine said he was going 78 and his said he was going 75. This means that setting my cruise was nearly impossible. Also, Kyle's car has much more speed and instant response than does mine. Therefore, he sped up faster and squirted between cars while I watched my RPM hit 3-4 just trying to catch up a few feet. This resulted in a slightly irritated me.

2. There are CRAZY people who drive in Dallas! My knuckles were white while I tried to change lanes between them and the faster my husband could do it, the more white my knuckles grew. I don't like crazy people and the way they drive--especially while trying to follow the little gray car too far ahead of me.

3. Our cars were egged in Keller. I've never had my car egged, but this was a surprise neither of us appreciated. Apparently if you park on the street someone will take advantage of it. On our way to Saturday's conference I thought that there was some gross goo on my windshield and figured that some gross bug had left a huge snot wad. I tried washing it off but it refused to budge. When Kyle discovered the egg on his car I realized it wasn't bug but egg. Kyle's car took the brunt of the beating, but I was close enough that my car had quite a bit. With baby wipes, water, and elbow grease we rubbed the extent off, but the cars sat in the sun long enough that the Mazda had paint swirls under the dried egg. Did this make my husband unhappy? yep. We ran his through the carwash but some of the egg lingered. I think we would both like to get a piece of that someone who vandalized our vehicles.

4. I nearly hit my husband's car with mine during a sudden stop. That was scary and I wanted to punch him for stopping so fast. *I think the Lord was giving me a test to learn patience during our marriage conference weekend.*

5. My husband was nearly hit by a car that didn't see him while changing lanes. Since I was behind him I saw it and we shared a terrified rear view mirror glance when we stopped at the light afterwards.

6. My sweet husband and I enjoyed being with each other. I don't think I can explain in words what she shared this weekend. It's hard sometimes falling in love and then marrying in the same place. Everyone has watched your romance from the beginning, and you never feel like you fit in married people because you've been married such a short time. Basically, sometimes we feel insignificant to other married people. At this marriage conference and during the weekend we weren't the "newlyweds." We sat learning just like everyone else. No, we didn't have marriage problems like some couples. And no, we had minute experience compared to everyone there. But no one looked down on us or considered us less than credible because of our lack of experience. We felt like we were on an even playing field. It was precious and we learned things we discussed in depth on the way home. I would go to every marriage conference just to experience my husband the way I did.

7. Kyle and I had time to be away from Abilene and talk about life, changes, seeking God's will for our future, sing loudly while maneuvering traffic, and be with family to find encouragement as a couple and more importantly as Christians. If you haven't gone to marriage conferences as married people, you should.

8. It's AWESOME getting to kiss your husband in church--because the pastor told you to. Have you ever heard a pastor tell you to hold your spouse close and dance in the aisle? Have you ever heard him tell you to kiss your spouse during the session??? *sigh* It was so wonderful to kiss in church. ;)

It was a precious weekend. We didn't necessarily agree with everything theologically, but we learned many true facts that we are learning to apply. We feel like God did some impressing on both our hearts for some future plans. We just have to pray through the where and when and how.

Praising Him,

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