Monday, May 9, 2011

Bride Brain

Today has been SO productive. With only four days until our wedding celebration I spose it's about time I do something productive.

Let's see if I can recount the highs and lows of the day:

I did all of my laundry! This has been a literal two week process filled with soured clothes and no underwear. But today I conquered the mountain and it is folded and put away in various suitcases for the week/weeks ahead. I have three bags right now: one for this week, one for wedding day, and one for honeymoon. In short, I have one pair of jeans and one pair of shorts for this week. I did pack more than one pair of underwear and socks so breathe easier there....
My wedding day bag has white shoes, hair piece, leaving shoes, and other necessities of the day. I am going to forget something, I just know it.

Where was I? Oh yes, laundry.

So the laundry monster is vanquished.

My room is almost nearly packed.

I studied for an exam that I had no clue how to study for.

I sold my television.

I left my fiance a love note at the house while he was at work and I was picking up the remote to the television I sold. (we moved it on accident this weekend)

I tried for 15 minutes to get a photography project finished that refused to email. *typical*

I took exam and realized I am so ready for this to be over that I don't care anymore about classes. Sorry to all professors, but my brain is leaving.

I made cd's of wedding playlists.

I wrote down fades for the sound technician. 

I made wedding weekend schedules.

I emailed church wedding planner, florist, and photographer.

I responded to wedding related messages in my inbox.

I added people to the "thank-you" recipient list.

I folded all the clothes.

I did dishes.

I laid out clothes to dry all over the house.

I dropped my sports bra in the toilet.

I squeezed out my sports bra and laid it out to dry--convincing myself that the water in the bowl was really clean.

I ate oatmeal for breakfast, half a pb&j for lunch, and beans and a piece of deer sausage for dinner. AKA: I am out of food and not buying anymore until after honeymoon.

As overwhelmed as I am, there are so many exciting things this week!

Tonight: SSBC softball game (the last we go until after honeymoon)!!!
Tomorrow: study like an idiot for hardest exam of the semester, print programs for wedding, and then have coffee with one of my best girlfriends as a "pre-wedding" chat.
Wednesday: Take brutal final and hangout with one of my favorite married friends and go to last Bible study of the spring semester.
Thursday: Take last English exam I will EVER take and then see my brother and his family during the afternoon.
Friday: pedicures with my sister Sarah C. and any last minute packing and moving/ rehearsal dinner.
Saturday: WEDDING DAY!!!

This is the life...
and my stress is nearly done. Kyle says he can't wait to see me un-stressed. Poor man can't remember what it was like to have me not frazzled all the time. I can't wait to show him ;)

Loving the life I am living,

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