Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My MTV Rave

Ok. I admit it. There are days when I catch shows on MTV while doing homework and trying to stay awake. Because I don't watch all day and I don't watch at night I only catch shows like "16 and Pregnant" or "Teen Mom." These shows make me want to both laugh and cry.

The whole point of the show is to tell the stories of women who find themselves pregnant out of wedlock with their boyfriend. Plese pardon me while I expand my thoughts and talk to these girls:

Sweetheart. That guy who fathered your child is a JERK. I have harsher language for him, but there are children reading. If he wants to live in the house with you in your parents' home and sleep in your bed with you, then for crying out loud GET MARRIED. You are made a mistake. Accept it and make the best of it. If he wants to go party and hang out with his friends and drink, then accept that he is not going to be around and be a bad example for your children. It's ok to tell him to walk out of your life. If he wants to marry you and provide for you, then don't tell him it is just "too fast" because you are scared of moving out of your mom's care and monetary aid.

Also, if you are a high school senior and you think that being a mom means you don't have to miss prom or change your friendships or your party habits, then I feel for your child. Being a mom before you planned to be is a mistake, but you need to grow up. You won't get to go to prom. You might lose all those shallow friends that "like uh want to, you know, be there to support you sometimes" and call your boyfriend a "cheater" me, you'll be better off without them. There are other people to lean on than someone who will leave you at night to go "hang out with his friends and, you know, not miss party days" Please. Give me a break.

P.S. STOP SAYING "ya know" I DO NOT know. Stop speaking like a illiterate 8th grader and speak like an adult so I DO know.

If your child's father is not a part of your life now, please don't run out looking for another boyfriend. You need to focus on your baby--not your relationship status. Stop looking for a man. Obviously, he will not fulfill you. If he proposes, you are so glad that you are not "baby mama" any more and he is your fiance. Label doesn't help it, sweetheart. I know you want it to so badly, but whether he is your fiance or boyfriend doesn't excuse the pregnancy or make it more legitimate.

School. GIRL if you want to stay in school or take college classes don't use your baby as an excuse for failing or dropping out. I know MANY moms who do great in college and have a baby. Basically, you are using that as an excuse to drop out and fail. That baby needs to hear you say "no" and "go to sleep"'s ok if she is fussy when she goes to her crib at night. She will go to sleep. You can study if you really want to.

If you have your parents as a support group, don't abuse them. They LOVE you but that is no excuse to let them raise your baby or to take advantage of their support. Do your part--you are "mama" after all. It's time to grow up.

Whew. That feels better.


Tony said...

Interesting double standard in the third paragraph. The girl is a "sweetheart" who "made a mistake."
The guy is a "JERK."

They BOTH made poor decisions and now they BOTH have consequences to deal with.

Just saying.

I agree with everything else though. :)

God's Gal Sarah said...

LOL, Tony, I get that. But I never approach a girl and call her a jerk. I know she made the mistake--and remind of that later--but it was my opener and my attempt to make her sit and listen. Wasn't going for a double standard....just a greeting ;)