Monday, April 18, 2011

The Moments You'll Never Live Down

I don't know why I do what I do. Sometimes it just happens. Like at this past bridal shower. Please be warned, these pictures reveal

Now the salt pictures....PLEASE DON'T CALL THE ABUSE PATROL. I didn't mean to throw salt in his eyes...I opened a new salt shaker and it spilled on me. My mom, ever joking, said, "You have to throw a pinch over your shoulder!" I did. Right into Kyle's eyes. Bless this poor man. He will need good insurance if I keep it up.

The moments I'll never live down....

Making this face while they were testing the camera

When do I EVER make this face when there isn't a camera present????

Gotta scratch my nose.....apparently it can't wait

halfway normal manic smile

hair flying...eyes closed....talking. What else is new. 

Poor Kyle

Sometimes I just hide in shame. REALLY??? I believe this was when I said the word "Assylum" instead of "Alyssum"

This one I love. MAN I love these girls.

I don't understand this face, but I love the colors...

My rival for Kyle's affections. I am so blessed by such a handsome man

My moms and my sister~ I love my familes

salt. enough said

More salt in the eyes. I. will. never. live. this. down.

Mom sharing what she loves about me. So are our faces. 

There are moments I shall never live down. Ever. *Stupid salt* That's why I am grateful I can get up and start all over. Grace is new every morning.

Living by grace,

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