Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Love

I love so many things. But as I am recovering from a stomach issue and dehydration/constipation for the last 24 hours, I am thinking back to Saturday and reminded of how thankful I am for these things...

Roadtrips for a horse show on a Saturday

Little cowboys who try to rope the bleachers

That I can see myself in his eyes.

That when I see the world through his eyes I see more beauty than I often see myself.

That he wears boots with me--and tells me I look amazing in boots.

That I was raised where this is a common experience...

The dream that someday we will have one just.like.this.

We are down to 18 days. I cannot wait. I'm ready to be done with school, done with wedding, and married to my best friend.

Will post substantially soon,

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