Monday, March 28, 2011

My Weekend...In Pictures

What a weekend....let's see if I can recount....I apologize for the picture quality...most of these were taken off my phone with a bad quality camera.

I got my graduation ring!!

I went to Guthrie for a bridal shower hosted by some precious women...
beautiful food!

beautiful friends

my "moms" and grandmother :)

did I mention I got my ring??

such wonderful hostesses...

Kyle had to work so my parents, his mom and grandparents, and my sister SarahC helped me move things into our future home.
my future kitchen!

the music room....

my kitchen

from living room looking into kitchen


the bathroom

our living room.
It's hard for me to do all the decorating and get excited and then have to drive away and not live there. Just 47 more days.......and then we can live there together and not have to have chaperones there at the same time. . . . . did I mention I'm excited? :)))

It's been a busy weekend and since I did NO homework at all this week will be hectic and chaotic. Wish me luck.....will post soon with some great verses I'm pondering....

Because HE lives,

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Becky Dietz said...

Very cute house. Congrats!!!