Thursday, March 10, 2011

21 Things I Love...

21 of my favorite things:

1. Hearing Kyle sing
2. My dad's laugh
3. reading a good book
4. cappuccino
5. smell of wet earth
6. the feeling after a workout
7. Watching my mom sew
8. Papaw singing as he comes to the house from the barn
9. watching Mamaw play the piano
10. Seeing my brothers talk and laugh together
11. Peanut M&M's
12. a baby's laugh
13. blogging
14. sleep...whatever that is
15. Being amazed at how good my God is
16. Sermons while I workout.
17. Taking pictures with my camera
18. Reading a verse that literally stops the moment as I soak it in
19. Bible study
20. Teenage girls
21. clean house and the smell of bread baking.

I am now 21. The big 2.1. Nothing too crazy will be going down. I'm going to go to classes....and then go to the base to be with Kyle at work to celebrate my evening. Pictures of birthday extravaganzas :)

My new glass that Sarah painted.......with washable paint ;)

Jane Eyre! So excited :)

Kyle sporting a birthday balloon ;)
Sarah laughing and hiding from the camera.
My roommate knows me so well....
She made my birthday morning SO special!
Cathe here I come!
21 and loving it :)

I'm thankful for 21 years with amazing family and friends...I couldn't be more blessed. Happy birthday to me :)

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