Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things You Learn

Things you learn when you have 150 pages to read:
1. Don't get into bed. You won't finish the will fall asleep.
2. Don't fall asleep with a computer, your Bible, your book, your cell phone, and a pencil on the bed. You will wake up to find you were sleeping on your computer and using your book as a backbrace and your cell phone is SOMEWHERE under the covers. 
3. Don't try to have a conversation with your fiance after he gets off at 12:45 AM. You will hang up and spend the rest of the night waking up because you are still talking to him in your mind. 
4. Don't get up and realize that your room is a wreck, you sleep ate a PB&J, and you feel like crud because now you have no work done and have to go to class.
5. Don't eat PB late at night or drink orange juice or your stomach won't like it and you will run a fever all night and wake up hot. *I have sensitive stomach I guess*

Oh, the things you learn from a rough night's sleep.

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