Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedding Planner By Day

Wedding plans...are coming together!!!!!!!!! If it all goes like my imagination says, this will be gorgeous. Save the Date cards were mailed yesterday, music is being picked out today, and wedding decoration ideas are saved and printed. Our website is still in the process of being completed, but if you are interested in checking out our wedding details check HERE!

In life news, I'm learning even more about nutrition and seeing how adversely my body is reacting to some things...like sugar, and gluten, and aspartame. Trying to cut those out of my diet has been a challenge and I'm going to go run tonight and try to burn off some of the afore mentioned ill affects that I have self-induced today. The more I learn and share with Mom the more we are both intrigued. We were researching aspartame and after our findings she has grown so aware of the chemical. When I brought her a snack she said, "does this have...."*she paused, thinking*
Me: "calories?"
Mom: "no"
Me: "fat?!"
Mom: "No.....a.........a......"
Me: "Assssspartame?!"
Mom: "YES THAT!"
*sigh* we are still working on it.

Since the ranch cook had to be out for the day so I cooked for the cowboys. I got up at 4:45, made breakfast, and then made lunch. When the oldest hand here looked at me and told me that my hamburgers patties were the best seasoned he'd had in a long time, I considered changing in my pen and ink for a spatula and apron. Not really....but it made my day and blessed my heart.

Kyle is in a new undisclosed location for a time so I'm not getting to talk to him for a while. We are both counting down the weeks until he is home with his family. I'm still working to save for his Christmas present and hope to be getting it this weekend. I am headed to Mesquite to spend a few days with my new family there and I can't wait! Of course, this will also be the first time I've driven in Dallas...alone, and only my second to drive in the metroplex EVER. *gulp* So I will be taking the GPS and praying myself through.

My God has been so faithful these past weeks. He is in the process of healing and restoring...and not just in my life, but also in the lives of some people I love. I am watching Him make beauty of ashes--and it humbles me in who He is. I will be sharing some verses I've been pondering tomorrow...as well as the update of PEPSI DAY! 5 weeks left, ya'll. Only 5 weeks until my beloved one is home. :)

Pray for one another!

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