Monday, January 31, 2011

Pictures of Monday

It's raining.....with promise of snow and ice tomorrow. We are praying for no school and a chance to catch up on homework (yes, I'm behind already) and to get some rest so my body gets over these stupid fever blisters.
Tonight, I'm curled on my couch watching my roommate view Despicable Me for the first time......and I'm reading Huck Fin. Oh, lit class how I have a love/hate relationship with you.
I have a few pictures that I wanted to share.....hope you enjoy as much as I have been...pardon the quality...they are from my phone ;)
My eventful night as babysitter....I shouldn't have taken the diaper off of him....

My attempt at being "artsy fartsy"....I think it worked ;)

 Finally picked a cake design! No, the topper didn't come with the design...but Kyle wished it did ;)

 My mental reminder of what times I can go to the gym. Where is 5:30 AM?!

 The most beautiful picture that Kyle and I saw at Lifeway.....and it's so true

Kyle helped me make my ceramics homework!! Aren't we creative? It was a total of 10 inches tall....
last I checked it was still standing....

OK...get is my favorite picture of the week. Strike that...THE MONTH. Kyle is receiving an award tomorrow night...and this is his official picture for the event.
Girls...breathe it comes. ...

Yep...he's all mine. 
be jealous.
I don't know why my precious Father blessed me with someone so incredibly handsome...but I stand amazed.

see the fever blister?! it's so hideous....but healing. It's not quite so handsome as the above picture of my man, but.....ya know....

I'm up to my eyes in reading I'm off for now. I promise a better post tomorrow...because I have some really interesting thoughts from a Bible class to share...some that have really taught me and made me think the last few days. GET EXCITED!

Because He lives,

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