Friday, December 10, 2010

Deep Breath

It's done!!!!!! Praise goes to Jesus for the completion of this insane semester. I have completed 18 credit hours with between 60-70 pages of research paper. I can honestly say this has been my most stressful semester....but also my best yet. WHY? Those two don't seem to go in the same sentence. But that's just the awesome ability of the God I serve. He can take the most stressful semester and teach me the most poignant lessons.

I just used the word poignant.


It's time for a brain break.

HAHA! You know me, that won't happen. I have a list of books to read over the break and a million things to do. I won't be breaking too much. But now I have time to go WEDDING PLAN! and READ BOOKS FOR FUN!! and take pictures of what I want! and see my brothers that I haven't seen in literally 7 months....and hug their children!!!! I have forgotten what that feels like. I'm still in my jammies....on a Friday....did I mention this feels awesome?

It does.

Last night was my celebration of freedom from papers...I went out with two amazing friends from church and we had Satarbucks and went looking at Christmas lights. I have pictures to prove how exciting it was....

Beautiful house! It didn't look very homey, but it was exquisite!

Another big word.

Oh boy, it's being an English major....big words happen.

The evening was replete with Christmas songs, random ballet dancing on the lawn of McMurry while watching the light show and listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra. I love those girls so very much.....

On an exciting note, be ready for my Harry Potter post within the next couple days....I'm super excited about it ;)

Because He lives,

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