Wednesday, November 17, 2010

He Can't

I can't post long--technically I'm supposed to be writing research papers. I discovered yesterday I have only 10 class days left of this semester!! WOOHOO!! YAY! YES! WHOOP WHOOP! FINALLY!

oh wait...

did you sat

oh boy.

By last count I have 4 research papers to turn before finals.

In the words of Calvin and Hobbes: "slippinrippindangfangrottenzargbargadingdong!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A friend from Bible study told me last night "Sleep is overrated."


BUT, in the midst of this craziness I had to share something wonderful a sweet friend of mine reminded me recently. We were discussing God's grace over supper one night and she said, "But Sarah, remember, He can't love you any less...and He can't love you any more."

Wow. God has already loved me the most He can-with the life of His Son. He can't love me any less, but no amount of good deeds can make Him love me any more than He already does. I have to just stop, and thank Him for that.

One research paper at a time,

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