Saturday, October 30, 2010

Random Confessions

It's Saturday night, and here are a few confessions that I must tell someone in my momentary pity party.

1. I have a sore throat. I'm really worried that I need to have my tonsils removed from my person...because they really hurt. That or the flu shot that we paid $24 for isn't really working at all.
2. I have a headache. Yes, this could be solved by advil.....or sleep.
3. I am exhausted, but my dear HSU professors have decided November is the month to make ALL OF THEIR RESEARCH PAPERS DUE. Ergo, I have nearly 50 pages of writing and research to complete and turn in. Therefore, this requires late nights....
4. I have a bad problem. It's called, "mood-evoked-snack-a-phobia." THis means that my moods often dictate how I snack, whether I'm hungry or not. THIS IS BAD and I'm trying to fight it. It's a sin problem as much as anything and I want it kicked. It results in my hating myself and waist expansion. I need to fill that desire with my Jesus...not food.
5. I have missed my fiance so much today.....I saw his family, and I missed him. I saw his picture, and I missed him. We spent the afternoon with one of his best friends, and I missed him even more. I heard his voice on the phone, and it made me so ready for February. My mind has kept wanting to look at how long this time looks, but in reality, we are nearly 3 weeks into this! Praise the Lord! He is good, Kyle is safe, I am busy, and it is all for His kingdom's glory.
6. I went to the President's Own Marine Corps Band concert hosted at HSU this past week. I needed the chapel credit and it was a wonderful way to get it! I didn't realize until I got there that I was carrying my Air Force bag...I didn't mind at all ;) They did an honor to all the troops and asked if those with family who have served or are serving would stand when the anthem of their branch was called. When the the conductor called for the Air Force I stood....for my Papaw who served so long ago, for my grandpa-to-be who served, for my future-dad-to-be who serves in the Air National Guard, and especially for my fiance who serves away from me now. I was proud to stand for just a moment....not for me. I don't do anything...but for them. I'm a blessed woman, with a blessed heritage.

I need a shower, to shave, put on a face mask, get a really fuzzy towel and leave my hair wet, read my Bible for a couple hours, write a paper, and not move.for.24.straight.hours.

But, since reality calls, I will go back to my computer, sit down, and pray for insight into this massive amount of research.

Because He lives,

The pictures below are from the "President's Own Marine Corps Band Concert at HSU"....

The sisters....Old Sarah and New Sarah ;)

Sweet Roommate Emily

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Becky Dietz said...

Pray you feel better soon!!