Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Loves

When you are single, you have to take every chance to try new things--and sometimes you are just lucky enough to fall in love with new things that make life spin a little faster =) Thought I'd share just a few with you!
SUSHI! I really loved the rolls most of all....they are a fun once-in-a-while treat I look forward to trying again =)

Coffee--oh coffee--how did I go so long without loving you?

Raquetball was AMAZING! My friend Emily and I are going to invest in raquets and have our own tournaments.....we were hooked from the first stroke!

Francine Rivers' books Mark of the Lion have completely captivated me. Warning: don't start them when you should be writing research papers. They are much more interesting than Milton =)

My dream camera: the one I can't possibly afford, but my ultimate dream. YAY FOR PHOTOGRAPHY!

I have also fallen in love with SPRING all over again. I've always been a winter girl. I love the cold, the snow, the fire, and of course the winter holidays. But recently, I have relished the feeling of the warm sun and the beautiful flowers blooming everywhere I turn. Makes me so thankful for God's diversity in all He created.

SOYMILK! Ok, before you think I've gone crazy, I'm still a cow's milk 100% fan. But this new treat tastes like alfalfa hay, and it makes protein shakes taste so amazing! You should try it...though I don't believe my dad would like it too much ;)

Rutabaga! It's AMAZING! Steam, sprinkle with cinnamon, and relish this amazing new vegetable that tastes a bit like a turnip. I'm hooked--and I'm probably the only college kid who has them in her dorm room....

PERSIMMON! Oh wow if you haven't indulged in this fruit, you absolutely must. When they are so so so soft, they are ready to be eaten. They are so naturally sweet they satisfy my sweet tooth =)

Onions are a new favorite...especially sauteed until they are soft. I could eat them by the cupful. Try them with avocado and tomato--as a guacamole dip.....YUM!

And of course, what's life without a few old favorites too?

Audrey Hepburn....such grace......such beauty.......such talent.......

William Holden--Mr. Dashing himself...;)

AND OF COURSE..........
FRED ASTAIRE! I'm in love with him and all his movies.....

Oh, the things that make single girls happy....HAHAHA!
What about you all? Are there any new passions or exciting loves that you want to share? I'm open to new ideas! I'm trying new things these days =)
I hope you all are loving the warmer days...I know I am =)
Because He lives,


Becky Dietz said...

I LOVE the Little House on the Prairie tv shows. I bought them for my grandkids for Christmas and love getting to watch them together.
I LOVE reading Christian fiction books. Believe it or not, I really like legal thrillers.
I LOVE cold winter days and fireplaces with nowhere to go and a good book to read.
I LOVE flavored coffee and cream. I've also found a new love---Chai tea!
I LOVE prayer time with my friends.

Tony said...

What is it about the Nikon that you like so much? Just curious. Tricia has a Nikon and a Canon, and we've been dreaming of a new one.

God's Gal Sarah said...

Becky, what kind of Chai tea do you drink? I am hoping that will be a new love of mine as well! I miss our church library with all the amazing fictin books--I need to search out good libraries here in Abilene I suppose =)

Tony, Nikons are one of the best all-around shooting cameras. For a while Canon were best for sports and Nikon for still-shots. But now, Nikon are just very good all around.I don't dislike Canon, however--and if I can get one of those cheaper, I might have to do that instead =). I'm dreaming of a new one too! Now to just find the funds...haha