Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Share

I wrote this a while back, but it seemed appropriate for Valentines Day =) Enjoy!

“Stuck With You”

What if by chance the world were to stop,
Do a big spin and one giant hop?
What if all people were thrown in the air
And dropped in odd places just by the pair?
Would I land in Alaska or darkest Peru?
One thing is certain, I'd land with you!

Would I land in the ocean blue,
Or maybe even in Timbuktu?
Where I would be- I have no clue.
But what I do know…I'd be with you!

Would I land in Vietnam?
Or maybe even Liam?
Would I drop in Africa bold
Or even brrrr….Antarctica cold?
But above all one thing is true…
I would want to land with you!

But suppose the earth were to stay in place,
And not do spins in outer space.
If I were to stay right where I am,
And not feel threatened or in a jam.....
One thing just strikes me out of the blue-
I would want to be stuck with you.
--Sarah Leathers

Because He first loved us,