Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Power Bars

WHERE IS CHRISTMAS BREAK GOING?!!! I am not a fan of the concept that in five short days I will be moving my things back into my dorm room to begin another semester of school.

I have agonized and prayed so hard over the idea of laying out a semester or going to a different school. But God has not opened any other door and seems to be leading me back to Hardin-Simmons. I am learning to accept it with faith and seeking a joy about it in my heart. I have a feeling He is going to do something amazing this semester--I just have to be patient and open to it.

I am now an official Junior in college....praise the LORD! I would not have gotten this far without His aid. Only four short semesters to go before I am graduated. =) This is a joyous fact that excites me!

I wanted to share with you all a recipe that I tried yesterday--a healthy alternative that a precious friend (P.F) shared with me and one that my family loved! Bless them, they have endured with me through my constant learning about nutrition and healthy cooking.....

This recipe is for your own "power bars." They are wonderfully good for you and I hope you get a chance to try them!! They are so easy you will be shocked...ready?

P.F.'s Power Bars
2 c. any nuts of your choice *I used 1c. peanuts and 1c. pecans..you might try something like walnuts and hazlenuts...*
4 c. any dried fruit of your choice *I used prunes, apricots, dates, and cherries
1. Put the nuts into a food processor and grind them until powdery--be careful not to grind so long that they turn into a nut butter...
2. Add the dried fruit slowly--the bigger pieces first. DON'T ADD THEM TOO FAST...I added mine much to quickly and the blade kept getting stopped up in the processor.
3. Place the sticky mixture into greased 9x13 pan *I put mine in an 8x8 and liked it better* I used my hand to spread it, but a rolling pin might be necessary as the dough will be thick and tough to spread.
4. Cut the bars into the size you want to eat them. I got 25 out of an 8x8 pan
5. Serve immediately or wrap in plastic wrap for taking on the road or freezing if you so prefer

My family LOVED them! I look forward to trying different fruits and nuts in the future =)
I will post again with something substantial soon...

Because He lives,

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